Wednesday, January 21, 2015

About Last Night (Flash Impressions from the State of the Union)

by guest blogger Andrew Roman

Who was the President speaking to last night? Did it even appear as if he were addressing the newly elected Republican-majority congress? Or even the American people? Did anyone else get the sense that President Obama felt he was doing the elected officials before him a favor by showing up and gracing them with his presence? Did anyone else get the sense that the whole speech was nothing more than a Campaign-2016 primer?

And what planet does he reside on? Because after that little performance, I am more than ready to pack up all my things and head off into the delicious rose-colored world he clearly believes we live in. (Just imagine how many more acts of terrorism there would have been if not for President Obama and his brilliant foreign policy strategies).

I won’t invest a lot of time analyzing last night’s State of the Union address, but allow me to briefly throw together some flash observations:

-There really was nothing in this speech about the actual "state" of the union, save for the declaration that the "shadow of crisis"  - whatever that is - has apparently passed. However, the state of Obama's campaign persona remains very strong.

-Obama’s modus operandi was on full display: He says he will work with Republicans.... but has already promised to veto whatever they send him.

-He says he wants to put money back in the pockets of working people. But why take it out in the first place?

-The myth of women continuing to be victims of not receiving equal pay for equal work still breathes. It’s a wonder that corporations run by money-grubbing humans with penises aren’t hiring anything BUT women, seeing as they are all so attainable on the cheap.

-Why propose tax cuts for families with two working parents and not for those with stay-at-home parents?

-Like it or not, Mr. President,  the reduction in gas and oil prices is, in large part, the result of fracking. (This supply and demand thing really seems to confound him at times).

-A few nano-seconds were spent on foreign policy – mostly a self high-five on how well his strategies are breaking down the terrorists. (That sound you heard was the terrorists laughing their collective asses off).

-Obama says that Iran’s progression toward nuclear weapons has been halted, but it is entirely false. The November, 2013 agreement in no way keeps them from converting their already existing stockpile (one that has been steadily growing under Obama’s leadership) into a nuclear weapon.

-There was nothing on corporate tax reform…as companies continue to flee the nation with the highest corporate tax rates on the globe.

-Apparently, there still isn’t enough free stuff out there, so it is necessary to punish Americans once again by way of tax hikes on “the rich.”

-The President decried divisiveness across the political landscape – this coming from the man who, at one time or another, called Republicans “hostage-takers,” and “cowards.” I think he even called them terrorists. 

I’m sure there’s probably more I could touch upon, but I’ve got a clog in my bathroom sink to tend to – entirely more entertaining and fulfilling.



  1. If your blood pressure had been low, you could have raised it up merely by Obama's creative retelling of anything even closely resembling the truth.

  2. Andrew, you are being very kind and civil to our president by stating that some of the things he said were "completely false". I used to speak that way back in 2009, but when someone pees on your leg and tells you "it's raining", after a while, you are free to use stronger words.

    The president lied repeatedly during his SOTU, but then he consistently lied through both of the campaigns "he won", and too numerous times to count in the last six years. Most of us were incredulous that the lapdog media has not even growled, much less barked at even the most outrageous of his lies, and his followers will drink the Kool-Aid and wonder at how conservatives can be such "haters" for not embracing their savior unto our bosom.

    May you live in interesting times!

  3. Precisely. :) Although the lying seems to be less creative. He just comes right out and does it now.

  4. Yes, I have been called a hater so many times that when I am NOT, I start to fear I haven't done enough.

  5. Ahh, yes, civility....When will I learn?


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