Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quote du jour

According to their allegations, petitioners are members of the Muslim Religious Group. They believe in the solidarity and supremacy of the dark-skinned races, and that integration of white and dark races is impossible since contrary to the laws of God and nature.
-from a Habeas Corpus petition presented to a California court, Apr. 24, 1961.


  1. great link!

    The general policy of the Department of Corrections is to encourage religious activities by inmates. Some time prior to February 1958, the Director of Corrections considered the question of whether the Muslims should be classified as a religious group. It was determined that they were not entitled to be accorded the privileges of a religious group or sect at that time. Such is the present policy of the Department of Corrections toward Muslims, and this policy was approved by the State Advisory Committee on Institutional Religion in January 1961. Other religious groups are allowed to pursue religious activities, but the Muslims are not allowed to engage in their claimed religious practices.

  2. I ran across the quote when I was looking for something else, but it seemed timely somehow.

  3. This pious Muslim convert also threatened jihad on jurors, served prison time for threatening President George W. Bush’s daughters and wrote to jailers promising a deadly “jihad” inside the courtroom should “the verdict in my trial go south,” among other things.

    “Holt also wrote how he wasn’t bound by American laws, but only recognized the Shariah law of Islam.”

    Supreme Court Says Muslim Inmate Can Grow Beard, Sharia Law Now In Effect


  4. See? It's just like Obama said! Get rid of that cowboy Bush and let Muslims know we understand them and love will fill the planet and peace will fill the stars!

  5. Forgive me! I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet, and I may have misquoted my favorite hippie musical. I think it went like this:
    And peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars.

    Mea culpa.

  6. Harmony and understanding,
    sympathy and trust abounding,
    no more falsehoods or derisions,
    golden living dreams of visions,
    mystic crystals revelations,
    and the minds true liberation!

    thanks for the earworm


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