Monday, January 5, 2015

Right Reasons & Mary Jo Kopechne Redux

This AM, I got an email from the talented Stilton Jarlsberg of Hope and Change cartoons, about his latest post and about a cartoon contest taking place over at The Right Reasons.

After stopping by his place, I went over to The Right Reasons, thinking if there was a conservative cartoon/Photoshop/graphics contest, maybe I should see if anyone had nominated our good friend, the very talented artist John Cox.

Imagine my surprise, when out of the 180 or so cartoons and Photoshops, was the following image:

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Now, while it is true that you can sign up there at no cost, I'm not going to mount a big "get out the vote" campaign, because there are some very talented people over there.

As they say at the Academy Awards, all too often, it truly is an honor just to be nominated alongside some of these folks. If you do sign up at Right Reasons, take a look at the voting thread under "Today's Toons".

Lots of talented folk there.


  1. There really is a lot of talent over there, but I think your MJK art deserves a vote. I've signed up over at TRR for that purpose, but it's not clear to me how exactly to cast a vote, though I'm sure it will be a little more obvious after the administrator okays me to post, which actually requires a review process there. I hope so, anyway! Congrats on being included in that contest!

  2. I cast my vote for Mary Jo. Congrats on the richly deserved nom.

  3. Thank ye kindly! I appreciate the support.

  4. Good man! You're back on my Christmas card list!


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