Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brian Isuzu - Joe's Younger Brother

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  1. His alibi is bogus. He's one more wannabe poser trying to glom onto the glory of real heroes.

    Why is he still doing the nightly news?

    What's next he and Hillary reminiscing about how they took out an AQ machine gun nest?

  2. Do you believe him as much as I do? Is anyone reporting this besides yourself?

  3. Yeah. This particular bit of schadenfreude is all over the net. Williams has been roasted up one side and down the other on Twitter. Some of it is pretty brutal (but fitting!)

  4. One of the Fox News programs had the genesis of this lie. Every time he told it, the bullets came a little closer, he went from coming in after the copter was shot, to seeing the copter shot, to being in the copter shot.

    If only he could have told the story a few more times, he could have won the whole damn war single handed!

  5. Thanks! It's easy when the libs give you so much low hanging fruit!


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