Friday, February 6, 2015

Brian Williams - The Saga Continues II

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  1. The guy rose to a place of prominence and wondered why he was worthy of being there. Then he made shit up. Its pathological, but it's understandable. He had a primal need to make the mundane nothingness of what he does for a living mean something. So he made shit up. In a weird way, a reflexive guilt told him he had to make shit up because he needed his life to be more than he knew it was for the sake of his audience.

    Unearned appreciation is a curse. It drives people crazy.

  2. News media... Pillar of American democracy...

  3. It's funny, in a schadenfreude kind of way, that a lot of his other reporting is coming under closer scrutiny. This may be the loose thread that unravels it all!

  4. What is the price for entry? That is the real question. you get that job by being one of those people. If you aren't that type, you don't get the job.

  5. Bare Naked Ladies. Lying just like Brian Wilson did.
    Get on it.


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