Monday, February 23, 2015

Quote du jour

You can argue that Chelsea Clinton’s NBC News work -- $600,000 per year for poor-quality part-time work -- is sort of the Rosetta Stone for a lot that’s wrong in modern American life -- the incestuous relationship between the governing class and the media, the power of celebrity and nepotism, the disregard of legitimate criticism and the morale for those who actually did the work.
-Jim Geraghty


  1. Chelsea Clinton is, without a doubt, one the most boring individuals to ever walk the earth. She needs to stay home with her baby and her equally boring wussy boy husband.

  2. What's truly bizarre is the contempt she showed to the press, refusing to grant them any access to the Princess of House Clinton, jumping from press recluse to overpaid commentator in a single bound.

    (Well, other than the whole payoff thing for access to her parents!)


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