Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quote du jour

“The man’s entire presidency might be described as a selfie.”
-Jay Nordlinger, know!


  1. The man’s entire presidency might be described as a selfie... a selfie of him standing in front of the millions of Americans who now have health insurance.


  2. Poor Jersey! Still not getting the big picture are you? You leave out the millions who lost their insurance, many of whom could not afford the higher premiums and deductions of Obamacare, which often included unneeded coverage.
    This coverage was so great that Obama and the rest of his administration had to lie through their teeth to misrepresent what they were doing. (Not to mention the two dozen or so times the President has un-Constitutionally altered the law after its passage to try to make it less odious to the people he was foisting it upon.)

    Add to that about a million people who were given the wrong tax information about their subsidies ( Not to mention the 34 states that were given subsidies illegally according to the law passed solely by Democrats, that we could not know what was in it until they passed it) And the billions wasted to erect a faulty website, which funds could have been used to actually buy insurance for the needy who cannot afford it.

    It's more a selfie standing in front of a blocked pipeline (like he did in 2012) a selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial, and a selfie in front of Putin, Iran and the rest of the world carrying out their designs on the rest of the planet, unchecked by positive American power.

    And don't get me started on the selfie he took prancing like a fool and making faces in the mirror!

    Your delusions notwithstanding, Jersey, history will not look kindly upon Obama, unless it happens to be bound in a little red book.

  3. New iPad? Wealthy capitalist pig! Comrade Obama will have to take a closer look at you!

  4. Heh. Obama'll neuter your Net alright!


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