Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quote du jour

When people tell Mitt Romney, “Governor, I really wish you had won in 2012,” they’re not saying, “Governor, I think you would have been one of the greatest presidents in our lifetimes.” They’re saying, “Governor, Obama is really, really, really terrible, and electing you would have spared the country a lot of pain.” He’s a good man, but a lot of Republicans are ready to move on to new options.
-Jim Geraghty


  1. A) "Stupid, stupid, stupid"

    Q) What are Obama voters, progressives and Democrats in general? (Don't believe me? Ask Jonathan Gruber!)

  2. What a stupid thing to say. People like Romney CAUSED the problems we have today. Only a moron would think we would have been better off with him, let alone the shear masochistic retardation required to think Romney with a GOP Hill would have helped anything!

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.



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