Monday, March 2, 2015

"Look! Down in the Polls! It's a Duck! And it's Lame!" *

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"Ant-Man or Anti-Man?"

*My apologies to the Adventures of Superman

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  1. The leftwing screamers are really agitated and upset that congress didn't ask Obama's permission. Their increasingly hysterical antics should be fun to watch over the next few days

  2. I haven't seen anyone on the Left particularly angry over this, but more befuddled.

    I really think Bibi is an idiot, which has been his reputation for a while, for sure now. The last thing Israel should want is for it's support in the US to become a matter of partisan divide. Israel has always enjoyed bipartisan support from the US. It is most certainly not in their interest to play around with that. But let's face it, Bibi is essentially an American Neocon, and those guys were never know as a the smartest people in any room, including with each other (you have to include the insects and potted plant in the room, after all). And let's try to remember, pro-Likud is not the same thing as "pro-Israel."


  3. As if on cue, Jersey shows up with his nonsensical rant!

  4. "I really think Bibi is an idiot, which has been his reputation for a while, for sure now"
    Jersey, you had so little credibility before, are you trying to destroy what is left? Bibi is not an idiot, despite the fantasies of those who would call him a chickensh*t, but ironically are too chickensh*t themselves to either do it to his face or even on the record for attribution.

    As far as "bipartisan support for Israel", this president has shown nothing but contempt for Bibi, the state of Israel and their concerns about a nuclear Iran.
    Obama has snubbed Netayahu on numerous occasions and now wants to take to his fainting couch in a vapor because Bibi didn't kiss his ring?

    The American people deserve an honest appraisal of what's going on in the Middle East, not the John Kerry fantasy that the world is safer than it's ever, ever, ever, ever been, or the 'ISIS is the JV team' that we need to "manage" or "degrade" or any other bullsh*t shoveled in the last six years of this administration, which dares not speak the name of Islamic terrorism.
    (Maybe all our problems are caused by a video?)

    Obama has removed sanctions from Iran with nothing in return but ever shifting deadlines, which the Iranians ignore. Every day Iran comes closer to becoming a nuclear power, and there is a credible report that El Jefe Grande Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes were they to carry out an attack on Iran's nuclear capabilities.

    Plus, the low down dirty snakes of the Obama administration are apparently using US tax dollars to try to defeat Netanyahu in his upcoming election, while piously (hypocritically) bleating about not wanting to interfere in foreign elections.

    Your big steaming pile of commentary is certainly "shovel ready", though, Jersey.

  5. Bipartisan support? Bull.

    Republicans are pro-Israel, Democraps are pro Palestinian terrorist.

    And unlike Obama, Netanyahu is a real man with real accomplishments. Nobody paved his way

  6. The real idiots are the one who think Obama's JV Foreign Policy team coached by Mr. Heinz-Kerry will get the best of the Iranian mullahs. So far, we've given them billions while they buy time to finish building their nuclear weapons program.

  7. I thought about posting that photo of both men in their twenties...Barry with a doobie, Bibi in a flight suit, but, I figured it wouldn't do any good.

  8. Tis true that Netanyahu has never been president of his own choom gang, so Obama will always have that over him...

  9. True, but Barry may have flown higher, too!

  10. On behalf of Mr. Cox and myself, thanks!


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