Monday, April 27, 2015

Quote du jour

"There are 53 Democrats in the Senate, plus two nominal independents who associate with them...since 2007, to place itself under the malignant leadership of Harry Reid... a teacup tyrant who has filled his own pockets to the tune of $10 million while decrying the allegedly baleful influence of the wealthy on politics, a man who has done violence to ethical standards left and right, using campaign funds for personal expenditures and trying to hide payments channeled to his granddaughter, who takes to the Senate floor to make patently false, malicious, and increasingly loopy claims about his political rivals, and who is leading a partisan assault on the Bill of Rights."
-Kevin Williamson, 2014


  1. And we knew all of this before his last election. So what happened?

  2. Harry's a flim flammer from way back. Around election time, when my business would take me over to Reno, I'd hear his campaign ads, on conservative stations, touting what a great sportsman and supporter of hunters' rights he was. (I doubt he ran the same ads in Vegas!)
    As sickening as it was, it probably fooled just enough people who weren't paying attention into voting for the man he said he was, much like the transparent, Constitution honoring, fiscally conservative Barack Obama they voted for in '08.


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