Friday, July 10, 2015

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: Stick a Fork in Him, He's Done

I am no Trump fan, but I have generally given him the benefit of the doubt, but I doubt no longer. Trump from 2008:

"Bush has been so bad. Maybe the worst president in this history of this country. He has been so incompetent, so bad, so evil, that I don't think any Republican could have won"

Does this guy's judgment match your own? Or when, in his estimation, George Bush attacked Iraq
"...just because he wanted to do it"

But wait! There's more! To Greta Van Sustern:

His (Obama's) speech was great last night. I thought it was inspiring in every way. And, hopefully he's going to do a great job. But the way I look at it, he cannot do worse than Bush.

It may sound trite, Donald, but,
"You're Fired!"

At the risk of piling on, Trump is also the 'rodeo clown' who said of Charles Krauthammer, whose books the Donald has not read, perhaps, because they have insufficient pictures?

(Krauthammer’s) “a totally overrated person that dislikes me personally. I’ve never met him. He’s a totally overrated guy, doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

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