Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Trump’s 60% unfavorable rating higher than any nominated candidate from either major party going back to '92

Report Proves #Obama Lied About Knowledge of #Clinton’s Personal Email

Hillary Supporting Super PAC Gets $6 Million Dollar Donation FROM GEORGE SOROS -because there's too much money in politics!

‘This was all planned’: Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying

Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at risk

The Field Guide to Ted Cruz

Comedian Exposes The Liberal Lie About The GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE

That’s gonna leave a mark. -Christie ad on Marco Rubio

Bill Whittle on Trump

Golden Oldie: Vermin Supreme - Democrat for President

The Poor Man’s SAW: Using A SlideFire Stock For More Than Fun

Someone (Mostly) 3-D Printed a Working Semi-Automatic Gun

The F-35’s Terrifying Bug List

WWII Flying Wing Ahead of its Time


Cartoon of the Day – NRO

The Grumpy Old Men Collection

Flopping Aces -Sunday Funnies


Today's Toons 1/27/16

Flying Cars – Clarified

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

Today's Toons 1/28/16

Today's Toons 1/29/16

Larwyn’s Linx: The Real Story Coming Out of the Iowa Caucuses

In The Mailbox, 02.03.16

Larwyn’s Linx: The Left’s Manufactured Muslim Crisis

LIVE AT FIVE: 02.02.16

Larwyn’s Linx: The Coming Wave of Oil Refugees

In The (Rape Culture) Mailbox, 02.01.16

Larwyn’s Linx: Trump Drops 9 Points in First National Poll Since Iowa

In The Mailbox, 02.04.16

Larwyn’s Linx: Hillary Clinton Put Spies’ Lives at Risk

Larwyn’s Linx: Exposed: Open-borders GOP lobbyists attack Sessions, Cruz

Rule Five Roundup:
(While all Rule Five posts may be NSFW, I generally only flag the ones that are certainly NSFW)

90 Miles From Tyranny - hot pick, hot pick, hot pick, Morning Mistress

American Power- Ronda Rousey Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Body Paint, Cindy Crawford Announces Retirement from Modeling

Angry Mike's Hood - Humpday

By Other Means - Cosplay, Tap Rack & Bang, Random Hotness

The Daley Gator – Daley Babe, Lois Shine

Daily Mail – Emily Sears , Hofit Golan

Double Trouble -Random Hotties

Good Monday Morning

EBL -Carolina Panther Cheerleaders Rule 5

Feral Irishman - Friday Femme Fatale.. Rubenesque (Not for the faint of heart!)

Friday Night Babe - Katie May

Good Stuff's Cyber World #227

Knuckledraggin' My Life Away - Good Morning Girl, MILF Monday, Your Good Morning Girl, Your Good Morning Girl, MILF, Your Good Morning Girl

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see...

Flowing Curves of Beauty

Sex in Advertising - Tom Brady's Sweetie

The Last Tradition - Chloe Grace Moretz, Sessilee Lopez

The Right Way -Friday Babe

The Other McCain- Rule Five Sunday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Inger Stevens


Rule 5 Woodsterman Style, Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

...and the obligatory NFL cheerleaders

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