Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Letter to the Editor, My Dead Tree Newspaper

Dear Editor: I was dismayed by the dishonesty of the pair of political cartoons published on 2/16. The first showed a presumably Republican elephant taking a dump in a little black girl's water supply. The second showed (Republican) Gov. Snyder "pinching pennies" which resulted in the "nightmare" of Flint.

The decision to change water supplies to save money was the result of the Democrat controlled city council of Flint, deciding they could save money if they transitioned to a different supplier. This was to be phased in over 3 years. Flint was getting their water from Detroit, where the city council (also presumably Democrat) spitefully cut them off as soon as they heard about their decision, leaving Flint scrambling for a new source of water. "Let them drink lead!" Okay, they didn't say that, but that was the end result.

In their haste, in a crisis directly fomented by the Detroit city council, Flint chose poorly. No Republicans were harmed (or involved) in the fomenting of this crisis. After a time, both Gov. Snyder and Obama's EPA (Heck of a job, Brownie!) were notified of the water quality issue and, as I understand it, did nothing. Fault them for that, but do it in an Equal Opportunity manner. There is plenty of nonpartisan blame to go around, but Republicans did NOT create the crisis.

But, please stop repeating the lie that the crisis was caused because an uncaring Republican governor was trying to pinch pennies, not caring if it would poison babies in Flint, Michigan. You might also mention that to a certain Democrat demagogue running for president, currently spreading the same lie.

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