Saturday, February 20, 2016

Quote du jour

I recycle plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard, clean glass, aluminum cans and scrap metal when I can. I also have solar panels on my roof that typically produce more energy than I use. I may be the "greenest" conservative on the planet.

I don't do any of it because of some fairy tale about man made global warming. Global warming and cooling is caused primarily by our sun, and I'm still looking for the thermostat. I recycle because I am a good steward of my possessions. I have solar panels on my roof largely as a hedge against rising energy prices. (Thank you, Mr. Obama!)

I oppose the Chicken Little, 'sky is falling' attempts to cripple our industry and our economy. I like clean air, clean water and clean shots at anyone who poses a threat to me, my family or the land that I love!

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