Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump Arm Band Hoax

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Trump arm bands? Roll your "R"s when you say that! Not campaign buttons or ribbons or hats, but arm bands! Can you imagine that rally where everyone was making that pledge with their right arms, if they were all wearing these? Sheesh!
I don't know if these are authorized by the Trump campaign, or not, but if so, it may be the most tone deaf in history.Those would contrast nicely on say, a brown shirt?? If this is a "false flag" operation, I hope the Donald advises his followers it's not a good idea.

Update: Probably just a coincidence

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Update II: Fox reporter "Campaign Carl" appears to have been hoaxed. Pranksters at Trump rally appear to be same guys in 'Settle for Hillary' shirts
H/T Curmudgeon of Political Clown Parade

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