Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Call Me Cassandra?

Cassandra of Troy, as the legend goes, was given a true gift of prophecy by the gods...who, being fickle, also gave her the curse that no one would believe her. I can identify with that.

In 2008, I thought that John McCain was probably the worst candidate in the primaries. Sure, Huckabee gave him a run for the title, but McCain, who was not a fiscal conservative, and one of the original Keating Five, became the Republican candidate. I supported him in the general election, because he was a better man than the candidate the Democrats fielded (who wasn't?), and he lost to Barack Obama.

In 2012, I thought that Mitt Romney was the worst possible choice in the primaries. Obamacare was disliked by a majority of the electorate at the time, and the worst possible person to make the case against Obamacare was the author of Romneycare. Mitt was a moderate, trying to sound like a conservative, but failing at it rather badly.I supported him, too, in the general election, because he was a better man than the candidate the Democrats fielded (who wasn't?), who had proven himself inadequate to the job of being president (as he has continued to this day), and he lost to Barack Obama.

In 2016, I thought that Donald J. Trump was the worst possible choice in the primaries. (Are you starting to see a pattern here?) Barring some unforeseen miracle or the SMOD, Trump will become the Republican nominee. Barring the gift of a spine to Obama and his Justice Department, Hillary will be his opponent. (I almost said "running mate". I keep forgetting which side he's supposed to be on!)

She is a venal liar who apparently is the author of most of Obama's failed Middle East policies. She underestimated Putin, the Muslim Brotherhood and her horndog husband and overestimated her cleverness as a politician, money launderer, and her ability to hide her correspondence without compromising national security.

I would never vote for Hillary, and the thought of her in the Ovum Office is enough to make one's skin crawl. However, I believe that there are already a large number of people who feel exactly the same way about Donald J. Trump, even before he expressed his lunatic ideas about Ted Cruz's father and Lee Harvey Oswald. Dude. You were winning! Why in the world are you incapable of just keeping your big mouth shut when the occasion calls for it?

In addition to those who already feel this way, Democrat and Republican alike, I believe there are vast numbers yet to be persuaded to this opinion, but who will be.

So, there you have it! I feel as though I'm about to hit the presidential trifecta, and I'm not happy about it one bit. Should the White House, possibly the Senate and SCOTUS all tilt Left in the next four to eight years, there will be no comfort in saying "I told you so". Not that it would do any good. I'm convinced that should this election "go South", Trump supporters will blame everyone except their candidate (and themselves). Like Obama blaming Bush for the last eight years, it will never be the Donald's fault. No, of course not. That would be too obvious!

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