Sunday, June 26, 2016

The 2016 Paul Revere Awards Are In

You LIKE me! You really LIKE me!! Well, some of you anyway! The Paul Revere award, created by Photoshop Superstar "Curmudgeon" over at Political Clown Parade, is to recognize the efforts of bloggers who aren't (yet) exactly household names.

Our award honors these bloggers because they, like Paul Revere, were not born to wealth.  They are ordinary men and women who are involved citizens keeping their readers informed of events which may touch their lives.

You may have noticed the badge over in the sidebar (we don't need no stinking badges!) that links over the the award and the other 19 recipients. It is simply an ugly rumor that the reason there are no more than 20 recipients is because she ran out of fingers and toes!

We at Proof Positive are grateful for the recognition, and will ever strive to uphold the high standards of this award. Congratulations to one and all recipients of the award this year!

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