Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump is the new Shibboleth

What amazes me is how many conservatives there were a year ago, Krauthammer, National Review, determined for whatever reasons that Trump is not suited to be president, and without changing any other positions, all of a sudden, we are no longer conservatives, but somehow transmogrified into Republican party hacks, party elites and maybe even libertarians.

I don't impugn the conservatism of Trump supporters. They're wrong, but merely being a conservative does not make one immune to being conned. I do have trouble with the pseudo logic which says "I'm a conservative. I support Trump. You do not support Trump, therefore you cannot be a conservative." Feel free to disagree with me, but if you think somehow I'm no longer a conservative, then you're apt to be wrong about other things as well. (Hint, hint!)

Among some, support of Trump is the sole litmus test for being a conservative. If for some reason the convention denies Trump the nomination, I suspect that their ardent #NeverHillary fervor will evaporate as they take their ball and go home. If Trump is confirmed as nominee, a large portion of conservatives will abandon the Republican party. Either way, Trump destroys the Republican party. Any guesses as to whether or not any of his supporters will blame their flawed candidate for the results?

-originally posted as a comment over at Diogenes Middle Finger

The Bible's Book of Judges (12:4-6) tells the story of the Ephraimites, who, after they were routed by the Gileadite army, tried to retreat by sneaking across a ford of the Jordan River that was held by their enemy. The Gileadites, wary of the ploy, asked every soldier who tried to cross if he was an Ephraimite. When the soldier said "no," he was asked to say "shibboleth" (which means "stream" in Hebrew). Gileadites pronounced the word shibboleth, but Ephramites said "sibboleth." Anyone who left out the initial "sh" was killed on the spot. When English speakers first borrowed "shibboleth," they used it to mean "test phrase," but it has acquired additional meanings since that time.

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