Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump Serve Man

Remember that episode of the Twilight Zone where the alien with the great big head came "to serve man"? One of the all-time great episodes! Although today, we probably couldn't call them "aliens", we'd have to say something like "undocumented extraterrestrials"!

Anyway, if you will recall, the aliens came to Earth, to eliminate hunger and famine, war and disease, and allow man to live a more pastoral lifestyle. They brought with them a book in their own language, whose title was translated "To Serve Man". Turns out (spoiler alert!) that after the people of Earth had laid down their arms and accepted all of the ministrations of the friendly aliens, they discovered the rest of the book was...a cookbook! "It's a cookbook!" the translator cried, as the aliens were herding members of the human race onto their ship for a "visit" to their planet, where the hapless Earthlings would fulfill their destiny as Trump steaks. One scene that didn't make it past the cutting room floor was the aliens handing out "Make Earth Great Again" hats!

So, I pondered this as I contemplated the meaning of "Make America Great Again". I mean, I know what it means to me and possibly you, but what exactly does it mean to Donald Trump? "Make America Great Again" is the great "Hope and Change" for 2016. Conservatives can project their own values onto it, but then, so can liberals! There's the whole question of "New York values". When Ted Cruz brought this up, he was quoting what Trump himself had said in an interview. It had nothing to do with 9-11, but that didn't stop Trump from wrapping himself in the flag and distorting the meaning of what Cruz was referring to. Much like the way Trump's words about Mexican immigrants was twisted out of context (for which I defended him) Trump had no problem twisting Cruz's quotation of his own words to imply that they had a different, more sinister meaning. Never mind that whole "Do unto others" thing!

And Trump says he will surround himself with "the best people". Best according to whom? What if Trump deems Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg and Gavin Newsome as "the best people" to bring about what makes America great, and coincidentally liberal, in his eyes? Trump has a long record of donating to liberals, being on the liberal side (or both sides) of most issues. Personally, I think that Trump is a liar and will say basically anything about anything on any given day. When the dust has settled, which Donald Trump would America wake up with?

This may be moot as there are indications that Trump isn't trying very hard to win. Hillary Clinton has raised about 40 times as much cash as Trump, she has about a 20 to one margin* in state and national staff, not to mention the PAC money going to Hillary. One PAC alone has promised that Trump will run into a "billion dollar buzzsaw".

Trump has made pronouncements about not only not needing conservatives, but of not needing the Republicans in order to win. Sounds a bit delusional to me.

I was briefly encouraged when Trump published a list of Supreme Court justices he said would choose from. (His sister, whom he said would be a "phenomenal” SCOTUS was not on the list.) But then, within 24 hours, he backed away from that pledge and said he might pick someone on the list or he might not. Bold, decisive leadership!

His unfavorables are higher than "Lyin' Hillary's". And that's even before the billion dollar buzzsaw kicks in. If Trump is the candidate, he's already lost California and his home state of New York. At least Mondale carried Minnesota! Hillary got twice as many votes as Trump in the NY primary and if she gets Bernie's voters, the match could be as high as three to one. California hasn't elected a Republican in a statewide race in years. It would take a minimum of an FBI indictment to put a dent in Hillary's dominance in the Golden State.

What's the solution? First, for my friends the Branch Trumpidians: Sunshine, rainbows, lollipops, unicorns and wishful thinking. Run along now!

For the rest of us, if Hillary and Trump are the nominees, hunker down for at least four more years of Obama (eight, if she avoids his boneheaded economic policies) and a generation of liberal Supreme Court decisions. I wish our prospects were better, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em!

Good luck and Godspeed!

*Last figure I saw Sunday, after this post was written, it was closer to ten to one. Just keeping it real.

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