Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kerry's Laps(e)

John Kerry is well known for his lapses in judgement: leaving Viet Nam after three questionable Purple Hearts, slandering the troops before Congress, throwing his medals over the White House fence, serially marrying for money and combating terror in France with a performance by James Taylor.

Now, don't get me wrong! I like Sweet Baby James as much as the next guy, but as an effective response to terror, he may as well have picked Katy Perry! After an hour plus of lying through his teeth about Obama's back stabbing UN deal with Israel, I noticed a peculiar habit of John's, that of sticking his tongue out to punctuate his sentences.

The above photos, not Photoshopped, were taken during about a two minute clip of Teresa and Obama's lap dog speaking.

Let's just say that if Kerry worked for me, there'd be a rolled up newspaper in his future.

"Bad dog! No biscuit!"

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