Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Hillary's campaign chairman John Podesta May Have Violated Federal Law By Not Disclosing 75,000 Stock Shares in Russian financed company


How Easy Is It To Buy A Gun?

Terror in London & the "new normal" - Bill Whittle


Dear White People: Lara Witt (@Femmefeministe) Hates You

Surprise: Some People Liked Their Pre-Obamacare Insurance


Cartoon of the Day – NRO

Flopping Aces -Sunday Funnies


Today's Toons 3/22/17

Cartoon Round Up

Today's Toons 3/23/17

Cave-In At The Climate Change Gold Mine

Today's Toons 3/24/17

Cartoon Round Up

Today's Toons 3/27/17

Today's Toons 3/28/17

Larwyn's Linx: How dare conservatives hold the GOP to its promise?

In The Mailbox: 03.27.17

Larwyn's Linx: Rep. Gohmert: President Trump Was Lied to by Speaker Ryan

In The Mailbox: 03.28.17

Larwyn's Linx: Oh America, What Has Become Of Your People?

In The Mailbox: 03.29.17

Larwyn's Linx: AG Sessions announces plan to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities

In The Mailbox: 03.30.17

Larwyn's Linx: Ex-Obama Official Admits Spying on Trump Team, Concealing Intel Sources

In The Mailbox: 03.31.17

Larwyn's Linx: Inspector Obama and the Red Panther

Rule Five Roundup:
(While all Rule Five posts may be NSFW, I generally only flag the ones that are certainly NSFW)

90 Miles From Tyranny - Morning Mistress, girls with guns, girls with guns, girls with guns, Blogs With Rule 5 Links

American Power- Kara Del Toro, Sunday Rule Five

By Other Means - Cosplay, Tap Rack & Bang, Seeing Red, Stuck in the Middle with You

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes: Beni Itou, Molly McGrath

Good Monday Morning

EBL - Sophia Vergara, Olivia Culpo

Feral Irishman - Friday Femme Fatale, Humpday

Friday Night Babe - Catrinel Marlon!

Good Stuff's Cyber World #286

Knuckledraggin' My Life Away - Milfy Monday, Good Morning Girl, Good Morning Girls, Good Morning Girl, I’m sure she’s taken, men, Fanny Friday

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see...

Flowing Curves of Beauty

Sex in Advertising - Edita Vilkeviciute

The Right Way -Friday Babe

Theo Spark – Vita Sidorkina Makes A Splash , Get In Bed With Vita Sidorkina

The Other McCain- Rule Five Monday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Olivia de Havilland!

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Your Crazy Uncle Bubba - Randomness, Leg Day, Tite Dresses

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