Saturday, May 6, 2017

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STEPHEN COLBERT: Leading #FakeNews Purveyor Goes Completely Nuts, May Have Rabies

#Heineken Ad Is What #Pepsi Was Aiming For With Kendall Jenner Ad-But Missed

Even After the Continual Ridicule Of Leaving Filth in Their Wake – Leftist Activists Do It Again. It’s Who They Are.

We cannot vote away scarcity

We’re Losing the Freedom Our Fathers and Sons Fought For -Ben Stein

US Air Force Is Planning to Build a Super A-10 Warthog

EPA And Energy Star Teamed To Ban REAL Energy Saving Technology

This Is Not Your Daddy’s Shotgun

An unpowered device can harvest water vapor in a desert

Elon Musk’s business model is a travesty


Cartoon of the Day – NRO

Flopping Aces -Sunday Funnies


Today's Toons 4/26/17

Today's Toons 4/27/17

Today's Toons 4/28/17

Larwyn's Linx: Judge Orrick Has No Clue What an Executive Order Is

In The Mailbox: 05.01.17

Larwyn's Linx: Portland and Berkeley: Sanctuary Cities for Leftist Violence

In The Mailbox: 5.02.17

Larwyn's Linx: Susan Rice: Who, me? I didn’t “misuse” any of that intel I got on Trump

In The Mailbox: 05.03.17

Larwyn's Linx: Obama GOP Fully Funds Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, Sanctuary Cities

In The Mailbox: 05.04.17

Larwyn's Linx: The omnibust is far worse on border security than you think 

In The Mailbox: 05.05.17

Larwyn's Linx: DOJ: One in Four Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born

Larwyn's Linx: ISIS to Followers: Use Fake Craigslist Ads to Lure Hostage, Murder Victims

Larwyn's Linx: We’re Losing the Freedom Our Fathers and Sons Fought For

Rule Five Roundup:
(While all Rule Five posts may be NSFW, I generally only flag the ones that are certainly NSFW)

90 Miles From Tyranny - Morning Mistress, Hot pick

American Power- Lindsey Pelas in Tangerine Lingerie

By Other Means - Cosplay, Tap Rack & Bang, Seeing Red, May the Fourth Be With You

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes: Jeirmarie Osorio, Melissa Garcia

Good Monday Morning

Kirsten Dunst

EBL - Tequila Drinking Rule 5

Feral Irishman - Are Those Plums?, Frideyes

Friday Night Babe - Emily Berrington!

Good Stuff's Cyber World #291

The Penalty For Blaspheming Kate Upton is Death

Knuckledraggin' My Life Away - Milfy Monday, Good Morning Girl, Good Morning Girl, Good Morning Girl, Good Morning Girl, Fanny Friday, I’m sure she’s taken, men

Girls and Guns

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see...,

Flowing Curves of Beauty

Sex in Advertising - Christina Hendricks

Olivia Munn

The Right Way -Friday Babe, Rule 5 Saturday LinkOrama

The Other McCain- Rule Five Sunday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Barbara Windsor!

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Your Crazy Uncle Bubba - Buenas

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