Thursday, May 18, 2017

'Obama Free' Zone

You may be as sick of seeing this narcissist poseur and his shrewish, harridan of a wife, as much as I am. The Nobel Peace prize winner who left war and destruction in his wake, the divisive 'post-racial' president, who left a legacy of racial violence instead of healing, the wannabee statesman who declared 'the world would love us', once the 'cowboy' Bush was gone, who then alienated our allies and kow-towed to our enemies, appeasing them and granting them favors, asking no concessions for human rights in return, who simply doesn't have the decency to just go away, leave the spotlight and spend the millions of dollars he received during the last eight years, hobnobbing with celebrities and billionaires, as is his wont.

Since the worst president in the history of the Republic will not go away, as much as possible, this blog will do its best to ignore him and the woman who nearly single-handedly destroyed our nation's school lunch program, declaring this an "Obama Free" zone.

As such, I noticed four images of the former president on my sidebar: One, in a blog header, one each in the links to Photoshops and John Cox's art,which are resident in the archives, and one, to a National Review "Photoshop of the Day".

Three of those four are now gone. As much as possible I'm going to ignore these low rent socialists and their prescriptions for destroying America, until they assume their proper place in American history: somewhere below "Pet Rocks" and somewhere above the "Salem Witch trials".

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