Wednesday, August 2, 2017

CNN Meme Contest: This Time, It's Viral!!

The deadline for submissions has come and gone at the CNN meme contest.
Now, comes Phase II: get the word out.

There were 100 submissions in three categories: GIF, YouTube, and JPG. Not sure what the breakdown was among categories. Mine all fell into the latter.

If you have a moment, stop by and visit them. It's a bit of a beauty contest. The more you visit, the prettier I look. (And y'all know I need it!) The idea is to see these memes go viral. For your consideration...

Raiders of the Lost Credibility
  Meme #71

CNN-do Shot First  Meme #88

Hakuna Matata THIS, Mo Fo! Meme #94

Internet Putting the Squeeze on CNN
   Meme #50

Trump 1, Fake News 0   Meme #87

Never Bring a Knife to a Meme Fight   Meme #82

Time to Give Poor CNN a Hand!
  Meme #74

With Apologies to Monty Python... Meme #60

Dead, But he still Speaks!   Meme #67

If You Build It, They Will Bomb   Meme #49

There is a small cash prize involved. I have determined that should any of my humble efforts win, I will donate the entire prize to charity. Mocking CNN is reward enough for me! So, heat up those mouse pads! It's for a worthy cause!

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