Friday, September 29, 2017

Let's Sell Naming Rights to Hurricanes

You've seen it on TV. The announcer tells you about the activity in ATT stadium, or FedExField, Nissan Stadium, etc. Why don't we start selling the naming rights to tropical storms and hurricanes? The victims of these storms often need millions of dollars to get back on their feet. Why not start a fund to do just that?

People were glued to their TV and radios for the latest news on Harvey and Irma. Newspaper stories cover the events from the time they are out to sea until after they hit land. The names are on everyone's lips, that's gotta be worth something!

"Hurricane Acura is a category four, ,expected to hit landfall in three days" 
"Tropical storm BMW is off the coast of Puerto Rico" 
"Hurricane CNN is being downgraded to a tropical depression..."

Obviously you would charge more for a hurricane than a tropical storm, because it gets more exposure. Corporate naming eliminates complaints about sexism and cultural preferences of name selection.

Some companies may not want their company to be associated with such destructive forces. So allow the naming company to slap their logo on relief packages funded by the naming funds, tp get some positive reinforcement for their buck. It could work! Stranger things have happened!

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