Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Masked Thugs of the Radical Left

I posted this little snippet up on You Tube, because the still shots I took just didn't convey the violent, mindless rage that 'skateboard boy' exhibits here.

On the right hand side of your screen, you see a thug in a white mask 'cold cock' a guy just standing there, apparently minding his own business, knocking him to the ground, then the thug backs away. Shortly after that, in the same area, you see a guy in a hoodie carrying a skateboard, who gets in the face of someone trying to help this guy who was just knocked down, then he moves over and raises his board above his head and starts whaling on people multiple times. Also note the guy in the helmet who comes up along side him. I've seen him before. He was the thug who stole a bottle of water from a disabled vet in a wheelchair and squirted him with it. Nice guys.

IMHO, skateboard boy is carrying the board as a weapon, with plausible deniability. "Who, me, officer? No, I was just riding this here skateboard!" Or like Trayvon Martin's screwdriver. "Burglary tool? No man, I just need it in case I need to fix some stuff, that's all!" Still, I can count the number of people I see out skateboarding in the summertime in their masks and hoodies, and carrying long screwdrivers to school in their backpacks on one hand and have five digits left over.

Antifa is all about deniability. They wear the masks and hoodies and helmets so they can't be recognized and held responsible. They carry skateboards and bicycle locks and soda cans filled with hardened cement, so they don't look explicitly like weapons, but what else would you use an aluminum can filled with cement for?
And who takes the time to do such a thing before attending a political rally? That's called "premeditation".

Antifa are cowards who strike without provocation. They preach the doctrine of "preemptive self defense", declare it's "okay to punch a Nazi" and then categorize anyone who disagrees with them as a "Nazi" or "White supremacist".

In actuality, they are anarchists, bringing chaos and confusion in their wake. This is intention. They are intent on breaking down society, Balkanizing as many groups as possible, bringing about the destruction of our government as we know it, to be replaced with a more socialist or communist ruling class, to rule with an iron fist, of course!

They cover the iron fist with platitudes about being "anti-fascist", but their actions are more in line with fascism than any group they are opposing. In attempting to hijack the mantle of "ant-fascists", even comparing themselves favorably to those brave men who stormed the beaches on D-Day, they convince few outside the far left. Poking a police horse with a stick with nails in it does not make you a hero. Tossing bottles of urine and feces on innocent bystanders does not make you a champion of the people. Beating up grandmothers for holding an American flag does not make you an "anti-fascist", it makes you a cowardly thug.

Even Democrats are starting to back away from these violent radicals. Better late than never.

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