Monday, October 2, 2017

The Women of NCIS

It startled me to see that NCIS, perennial favorite on CBS, was starting its fifteenth season! Even more upsetting is that this show was a spinoff of an equally entertaining show I had watched before, JAG, and it was on for ten years. Time apparently flies whether you're having fun or not!

It also occurred to me, that quite a number of ladies who have graced our Friday Night Babe feature had at least one guest appearance on NCIS, (or JAG). Say what you will about NCIS, they know their babes!

For starters, we have Vintage Babe 1/9/14, who was not on the show, but her own spinoff was her son, Mark Harmon: Elyse Knox

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JAG was also not without its share of lovelies. Catherine Bell was FNB 3/13/09

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The first of many babes to pass between the orange walls of NCIS, was Sasha Alexander. (By some oversight the subject of a future FNB)

We'll start with three and go with more pictures, less talk next time! Click any of the ladies' names for more pictures.

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