Sunday, October 29, 2017

What Difference A "D" Makes

Let's set the Way Back machine for 2009. Remember 2009? We had a new President and First Lady in the White House, and repeatedly, continually, the press, commentators and ladies' magazines were all gushing about...the First Lady's well toned arms! Google "First Lady's toned arms 2009" for about 2,650,000 results. Like CNN...

Now, I've seen a workout video Michelle did that was pretty impressive. She could certainly beat up that wimpy husband of hers with one hand tied behind her back! But, where are those people now? The ones who gushed and slobbered all over Michelle's arms? Does not the current First Lady have "toned arms"? Legs? Tummy? Everything?? Face it. Melania Trump is the most beautiful First Lady in the entire history of the United States. Don't you think at least one of those toned arm gushers might find something similar to say about her?

She's gorgeous. She speaks six languages, though some reporters who are less than fluent in one, complain about or make fun of her accent. She's been criticized for the shoes she wore, walking from the White House to a waiting helicopter to travel to visit hurricane victims. While it is true that some faulted her predecessor for the tone deafness of wearing $600 sneakers to help out in a food bank, the circumstances were wildly different.

Face it. Nancy Reagan was pretty. Jackie Kennedy was elegant. Hillary Clinton didn't scare too many children, but Melania is a knockout. Could you guys out there in the MSM cut her a little slack. As the old commercial used to say, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful". And don't hate her as a means of trying to bring down her husband, with whom you disagree. That's disgusting and should be beneath you.

BTW, if the post headline didn't immediately have Dinah Washington running through your head, shame on you. Remedy to follow...

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