Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"Escaped Psychiatric Patient Will Be Sent Back to Hawaii"

I saw this story before Christmas, and didn't want to harsh your holiday mellow. Especially if you were flying to or from a family gathering, I didn't want you looking at the person in the seat next to you, wondering if he was an escaped psychopathic murderer.

A man prosecutors said fits “all the criteria of a classic serial killer” escaped from a Hawaii psychiatric hospital to prove he isn’t “the bad” guy...
...Saito, who was committed to the mental hospital in Oahu more than 30 years ago, walked out of the facility on Sunday and hopped in a cab. The 59-year-old escapee was able to make his way through airport security with a fake ID and boarded a plane to San Jose...

So, an individual police describe as a "homicidal psychopath” leaves a mental hospital, takes a cab to the airport and hops on a plane to the mainland? Easy peasy! Clothing? Cash?? Fake ID??? I'm guessing he got on with no luggage...I thought one way tickets of males, without luggage was supposed to set off all kinds of bells of suspicious activity? No? Did he pay cash? That would be another red flag. Surely unemployed and hospitalized, he din't have a wallet full of credit cards? Whatever!
 "Right this way, Mr. Saito! Peanuts or pretzels?"

In 1981, authorities committed Saito to the hospital following the gruesome (1979) murder of 29-year-old Sandra Yamashiro, who prosecutors said Saito shot and stabbed numerous times before leaving her body at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu.

How does a mental patient, a homicidal psychopath "walk out" of a mental hospital in the first place, obtain a fake ID, cash or credit card, take a cab to the airport, waltz through security and take a 2,400 mile flight? Where was Steve McGarrett?? Book 'em, Dano!

Tip of the day: Be nice to the guy next to you on the airplane, fighting over the armrest or behind you, kicking your seat. You just never know!

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