Monday, September 10, 2018

A Modest Prayer Request

I used to be friends with the "Reaganite Republican" (Now the Reaganite Independent). He even asked me to guest post over at his blog while he vacationed. I don't think about him too much, these days. Occasionally he has commented on my Twitter feed. Usually along the lines of "Get off my lawn!"

I stopped linking to him on the sidebar when he, IMHO, started to "lose it". I had to search for it today to see if his blog was current. (It is) I typically promote the Quote du juor over on Twitter and GAB. The above tweet was the response I got from today's quote.

In my typical mediocre loser fashion, I'd like you to take a moment today, if you are the praying sort, to say a little prayer for James. He seems to me to be very bitter and angry. I did not believe him to be one to spew gratuitous insults, but here we are.

I don't agree with all my friends. Lord knows I don't agree with all my relatives, but I don't gratuitously insult them just because they disagree with me. But, then, I AM a mediocre loser! What do I know?? : )

Mediocre loser that I am, I mistakenly thought he was referring to a Krauthammer quote, when it was actually Anthony Hopkins. My bad!

Update: Faced by making the embarrassing mistake of thinking the Anthony Hopkins quote was mine, dropping a couple of "F" bombs and blaming me and my "dipsh*t" friends for 'taking the nation over the cliff', (I'm going from memory here, since his quotes have been swallowed by a memory hole.)
he responded not by acknowledging his errors, potty mouth or bad attitude, but a tacit acknowledgement that he had no rational response to anything I said.

My responses were nothing but soft answers, blessings and Bible* quotes - nothing offensive or insulting, and... he blocked me! Pity. He used to be a rational conservative.

*  "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh"

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