Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Little Saturday Night Music


Sammy Davis Jr. used to sing this. His version started out:

Now when I was just a baby, they used to say "How cute!"

Even when I was seven or eight, they said this boy's a beaut!

Well, I went back home the other day. To see that old gang of mine.

I asked them what they thought of me and they put it on the line,

they told me: "You're ugly! You some ugly child!"

The clothes that you wear are out of style

You look like a fool every time you smile

How we hate you, you alligator bait you

why don't you lay down and die?

You're knock-kneed, bow legged, boxed backed, too!

There's a curse on your family and it fell on you!

Your hair is nappy, Who's your Pappy?

You some ugly child!

Then Sammy would add...

But I don't care! 'Cause I make a lot of money!

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