Monday, January 21, 2019

Exploiting Dead Cops for Political Gain Ought to be a Crime... says Ruben Navarrett Jr. in my local dead tree paper yesterday morning. My first instinct was to move it right along to the recycling bin where it would do the most good. But since this goes well beyond the Left's typical hypocrisy, I thought it should have a reply. Mr. Navarett states:
It is grotesque that anyone would ever seize on the killing of a police officer for political purposes. Alas, the practice is bipartisan.
"Grotesque" Noted.
On the right, when the alleged assailant is an illegal immigrant, we often see a cheap and shrill attempt to turn the grief of families and communities over a fallen guardian into outrage over illegal immigration and "open borders."
A "cheap and shrill attempt to turn the grief of families and communities... into outrage" Got it.

You see, for me, the concept of dead policemen is personal and painful. It's not just another issue du jour to be played with. Still, mercenary politicians use it as a chew toy. May they choke on it.

May I suggest that Mr. Navarrett either didn't go far enough, didn't think it through or couldn't see past his own biases?

Maybe the outrage should be when people seize on any killing for political purposes? Recently, on the border, two children died because of medical problems related to their long trek across Mexico. How many on the Left immediately made a "cheap and shrill attempt" to turn the grief of families and communities over these children into outrage over Trump's immigration and borders policies, or against ICE and the Border Patrol?

After Sandy Hook, the "ghouls of gun control" seized on the killing of children for political purposes, proposing numerous gun control methods, none of which would have prevented the shootings. Or at Parkland, where laws already on the books, had they been properly enforced, would have taken the shooter off the street, long before the fateful shooting. "Grotesque", as Mr. Navarrett would say.

In Ferguson, Missouri, there were those who seized on the killing by a police officer for political purposes, giving birth to the bogus "Hands up, don't shoot" movement.

The practice is bipartisan, but alas, it seems to primarily find its home on the Left. If Mr. Navarrett wants to criminalize or at best stigmatize the killing of a police officer for political purposes, may I suggest that he expand his horizons to include the deaths of those shot by the police until such time as they can be thoroughly investigated? The deaths of illegal immigrants who tragically may be sick or dying before they ever enter the country is also not "another issue du jour to be played with", not a "chew toy".

Time for Mr. Navarrett to step up and not be choked by his own chew toys of deaths that he approves of politicizing, not just the ones he disapproves.

Now, it's ready for the recycling!

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