Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mass Shooting in Philadelphia -Who's to Blame?

Hypocritical Philly Mayor says they need more gun control laws to help police. The same guy who danced when he learned that hs city could violate federal immigration laws? Who said he would abolish ICE?

The U.S. Attorney in Philly gave his opinion of current DA Larry Krasner:

"Red Flag" laws and enhanced or "universal" background checks would not have stopped this convicted felon from acquiring firearms. When you make your living doing illegal things, making one more of them "illegaler" is not a deterrent.

Enforce the laws on the books against strawman sales, eliminate most "diversionary" programs that keep felons out of jail and new felons from having that record that would make them ineligible to purchase a gun legally. Enforce the law and you'll have fewer law breakers.

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