Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Good News for Rule Five Fans!

Dear Readers: You may have noticed a dearth of Rule Five links the last couple weeks. Fear not! A knight in shining armor has come to your rescue!
Dave in PB, proprietor of The Right Way, is joining Team Proof for the express purpose of updating the Rule Five sites every week. (Huzzah!)

Dave will be featuring your old favorites and maybe some sites new to you. The Right Way was always on my list of places to go, and now for those of you too lazy to click over to his place ( and we know who you are!), voila! Lafayette, you are there!

Welcome Dave to the family. We say "family" because "employees" expect to be paid! Nonetheless, let him know you appreciate his efforts as the new Regent of Rule Five! Look for Dave's fine hand at the tiller this coming Saturday!

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