Friday, January 3, 2020

Woodsman Woodsman, Spare That Tree!

I got a letter from my Dead Tree Paper yesterday, and without even opening it, I was 99.9% certain what it was: another rate hike!
While I receive small enjoyment from holding yesterday's news in my hands, and occasionally catch a news item of interest that formerly escaped me, for the most part I hold a small discussion with myself daily as to whether or not a subscription is worth the money. On the days they print the liberal op eds, the scales tip a little heavier against.

I calculated the increase to be a hair over 30%, which would outpace inflation, so I decided to call and cancel my subscription. That was the first joy. The automated phone system does not have a "Press 3 to unsubscribe" option. It was convoluted, but I finally found the option I wanted and they placed me on hold. Terrible hold music. Long and terrible hold music. But, I was not deterred! I hung in there until a live operator picked up the phone. I told her I wished to cancel the paper. She asked me the reason and I told her it was the price hike. She asked if I wanted to see if she could do anything about it. Sure! What have I got to lose? Make me an offer.

She tried several compromise prices until she finally got to one that was the same as what I am paying now. "I can live with that", said I.
So, until they try to jack up my rate again, I shall continue with the dubious value that I receive from my Dead Tree Paper, but at least I have the comfort of knowing it could have been worse!

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