Friday, March 27, 2020

The Journey There and Back Again

So, yesterday, I left my Hobbit hovel to venture forth into the big, wide world. I had a prescription ready at Target, so I thought I would expand the search parameters.
I started off at a grocery store, where I bought some groceries and a few Christmas gifts for the grand kids. Across the street and down the block to the grocery outlet, that had the canned beets in stock that they were totally out of the week before. Bought some socks.

Then, to the pharmacy next door to pick up some more grocery items, then jump on the freeway to the department store where I picked up my prescription. Since I was there, I bought a few more groceries, a couple of odds and ends, and I passed by the sporting goods section. I noticed a display of two pound hand weights. A couple dozen of them, but no other weights. Every dumbbell over two pounds was out of stock. Now, I'd bought a few pairs a couple months back, when I realized I was going to need to do some more rehab on my arm. At that time,they had a wide variety of weights up to at least 25 pounds. One of two things come to mind: The weights are made in China (at least mine were) and the supply chain is running behind because of COVID-19. The other, that anticipating not being able to go to the gym in the immediate future, home fitness gear flew off the shelves.

Today, I went out to pick up a replacement screen for my bathroom window. I hadn't really thought of glass and window repair/replacement as an "essential" service, but there they were!
So, that was five attempts to stimulate the local economy, in addition to Amazon drivers, in the last two days. I kept my social distance, or what I now recognize as "spitting distance" and washed my hands when I came home.

Y'all keep cool hunkering in the bunker!

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