Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Changing View From My Back Yard

Day whatever of the COVID-19 quarantine, er, social distancing! This was the view from my back yard yesterday at 9 AM.

This is today at 9 AM. If you notice the pool is a little less blue, that's a portion of the sawdust produced. My neighbor's pool looks at least as bad. I ran the filter for thirty minutes last night, the extra large capacity basket was already full of wet sawdust, packed in to break the basket.

Three pines, occasion home for hawks, squirrels and racoons are gone. The clean up will be a pain, short term, but long term, the source of the tiny pine cones that drop into the pool and clog the sweeper year round will be gone.

Oh, and the neighbors made sure the hawks were no longer there before serving the eviction notice!

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