Saturday, May 30, 2020

How to Ruin Your Life in Twenty-Five Minutes or Less!

A guy, I hesitate to use the word "man", attempted to use a rural gun range recently. Zonathan Derrell Butler, 29, was refused entry into the Linden Gun Range, southeast of Linden California, because it was not open to the public. Mature individual that he was, he threatened the worker who refused him entrance, and from the parking lot, discharged his .40 cal handgun at least 29 times. He then fled the scene at a high rate of speed. Sheriff's deputies pursued him and managed to catch up after good ol' Z.D. lost control of his vehicle as well and crashed on an arrow straight portion of Highway 4. Did quite the number on his car, too!

His life went from unlimited potential to zero in less than half an hour's time!

He was taken to a nearby hospital for clearance before being booked into San Joaquin County jail, on five felony charges. If you ask me, poor Z.D. is still angry with his parents for naming him Zonathan Derrell.

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