Sunday, October 25, 2020

"A Day in the Life"

40 Days for Life prayer vigil in San Rafael. A report from the front lines, by Mary M. Isaacs

(San Rafael, CA--Saturday October 24, 2020) In all the years that I have participated in 40 Days for Life prayer vigils in Marin County, I have never witnessed/encountered the amount and intensity of counter-protestors as I did today. This is possibly not saying much, in comparison with other places, but it was very significant for Marin.

The ramping-up of protests began last Saturday, October 17th, when Archbishop Cordileone, of the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco, conducted Mass and performed an exorcism at Mission San Rafael to counter the vandalism and toppling of the mission's statue of Fr. Serra, which happened on Columbus Day. After the exorcism, the entire congregation processed to Planned Parenthood, where they said the rosary right in front of the doors of the abortuary. Counter-protestors had heard of the event and were present in large numbers. Saturday morning is now their rallying day. I was glad and honored to be present for life today.

During the time I was there (11 am to 12:30 pm) there were 21 or 22 pro-aborts present. There were ten to eleven of us praying for life. We all started out at the corner nearest Planned Parenthood's door, but the opposition gradually spread to all three other corners--for a "surround-sound" effect, perhaps? They were extremely vocal, and every one had large signs with the usual sayings: "My Body, My Choice", "Stay Out Of My Uterus", We Are Women Not Wombs", "Long Live Roe v. Wade", etc. They were very loud, sometimes actually screaming. Most ages were represented in the opposition, with the exception of young children, and both men and women took part ("Her body, her choice!" chanted over and over...)

We also had both men and women present, praying for life. We spent almost the entire time praying through the rosary, just continuing on to the next set of mysteries as we finished each one. It was difficult to hear each other and to stay together on the responses--due to the screaming pro-aborts, the high number of cars honking their horns as they passed by, and the face masks we have to wear--but we managed it. Of course, the overwhelming amount of passer-by reactions were on the side of the pro-aborts, but once in a while a car would go by, eye contact would be achieved, and a firm, definite thumbs-up given to us. This is Marin after all, a very liberal bastion in California. The positive pro-life reactions are cherished and remembered.

This will happen again, next Saturday, for Hallowe'en. I expect a stronger swirling of demonic forces that day. Please remember all the daily 40 Days for Life prayer vigils, taking place all over the world, and lift them up in your prayers for courage, commitment, and strength.

The babies cannot speak for themselves, so others must speak for them.

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