Tuesday, January 26, 2021

On the Quote du jour

Every now and then, someone will take issue with me on the Quote du jour ("Quote of the day" for those of you in Rio Linda). I think it should go without saying that in posting a quote, it does not necessarily represent the views of the staff or management of Proof Positive blog. (Except on Saturday when I quote myself!) Today, over on Twitter, on today's quote, for example, a commenter said, "How'd that work out for her?"
Obviously not well on the short term!
Just for your information, generally speaking, the criteria for choosing a quote of the day are as follows:

* Something that is obviously so true it bears repeating
* Something that is obviously so false it bears mocking
* The person speaking is important in relationship to what's being said
* Something thought provoking
* A colorful use of the Queen's English
* An economy of speech, profundity in small compass

Having said that, if you want to take issue with any given quote, bring it on! We're all about the discussion of ideas, and if you believe the author of the quote got it wrong, let's hear it! Just don't assume that the reason I posted it was because I am wholly in agreement with either the quote or the author. I have quoted Barack and Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and any number of other miscreants. In those cases, I just think it's important that you see it.

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