Wednesday, April 21, 2021

White Supremacy Strikes Again!

I think I've stumbled upon a new form of white supremacy. Hear me out! Poor white individuals have the advantage, yes I said advantage, of knowing that the world doesn't own them anything. Society doesn't owe them anything either.

As opposed to Black citizens who are told continually that the US owes them reparations for something their ancestors may or may not have suffered over 150 years ago. Poor whites know they're losers and that will never change until they get off their butts and try to make some changes.

Poor Black (losers) sit around and wait for their reparations, which the Democrats have promised them over and over again, with no results, because, quite frankly, it's easier for Democrats to milk the cattle on their plantation of voters than to tell a bunch of losers that America is the land of opportunity, and if they apply themselves, the only limitations will be those they place on themselves.

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