Thursday, June 17, 2021

Harmless Little Leftist Fuzz Ball Nut Job

In what may be the most bizarre government story of 2021 ( and the year is not quite half over yet), the Sacramento City Attorney is seeking a restraining order against a staff member of one of Sacramento's own City Councilmembers.
Attorneys for the City of Sacramento took an unusual step Wednesday afternoon, seeking a temporary restraining order against a newly-hired council member staffer. If approved by the Sacramento Superior Court, it would prevent Skyler* Michel-Evleth (also known as "Skyler Henry") from physically interacting with other city employees and from entering City Hall.
Quote from "Skylar's" podcast:
"You should be terrified for the rest of your life, you should never be able to leave your house, if that is how you're going to use your position to govern. And to me, the same thing sort of applies with the mayor and city manager of this city
What egregious act of tyranny did some person commit to be worthy of being banned from public for life? A lawmaker who disagreed with raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. A follow up quote:
"you should always be worried that people are going to find out where you live and (expletive) your (expletive) up."
So if you are "in government" and you have a policy disagreement with Skylar, Skylar thinks it is perfectly acceptable to threaten you, intimidate you and terrorize you, but he "doesn't believe in violence"!


The City of Sacramento is telling this councilwoman she has every right to hire whomever she wants on staff, but the City has no obligation to permit this nut job to come within 100 feet of anyone who actually works at City Hall who might pose a threat to their safety. 

 May you live in interesting times!

*FWIW, the classical Dutch spelling is "Schuyler". ("Sky" King's name was Schuyler.)

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