Friday, July 9, 2021

Feel Good Friday


"LaVonte Dell was recently pulled over, writing on his Facebook page: ”Yesterday I was pulled over in Westland for my window tint. This stop was nothin like I thought it would be. He got my s—t and was walking back to the car and seen my daughter wasn’t in a car seat. 

So he asked me to get out and speak with him. He asked why didn’t she have one and I told him all I been thru this year like I barely making it because of these garnishments and I really don’t like asking people for (stuff). Do you know this white police officer told me to follow him to Walmart on Ford road and he purchased my daughter a car seat with his own money. 

If you would have seen us in Walmart u would have thought we were best friends. It was like night and day. U got me hella tats walkin side by side with a white officer Westland at that. I’ve been calling all day trying to get his name because I was so in shock. I didn’t even look at his name tag. Never judge a book by it’s cover it’s most def is some good guys left. I told him I never met a officer like u. He said I’m just doing my job what good would giving u a ticket do besides putting u further in the hole making it harder on you to come up." 

Westward Police Department posted shortly thereafter. "The Westland Police Department would like to express how proud we are of the officer responsible, Officer Joshua Scaglione. We would also like to thank the driver, LaVonte Dell for coming forward and sharing this experience with us. In a world filled with negative stories, the fact that you shared yours has had an unbelievably positive impact on all of us. Thank you.” Credit: Westland Police Department."

H/T  GeorgeBalloutine 

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