Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Waymaker Offroad Wheelchairs

You may have heard about these offroad wheelchairs before, but there's some people who will rent them out, no charge to folk who can't afford them. Here's from the website:
With the high price of a new trackchair, many people who could benefit from using one, would never have the opportunity to do so. If someone happens to have the finances available, it still ends up being incredibly difficult to justify spending $15-20,000 on something that may sit in the garage 95% of the time. This business was started to give those people all of the benefits of owning a trackchair, but at no cost to them!
And in case you thought they were just for hunting and fishing, here's a shot of another purpose...
If you want to find out more, or donate to the cause, their website is here.

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