Saturday, September 10, 2022

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*…that Dave and I have seen all week!

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Mortgage rates almost double from year ago, nearing 6 percent
The 10th Anniversary of the Benghazi Attack Arrives This Sunday, The Events Look Different Against Latest Deep State Revelations

Feel Good Friday
The Gibson’s Case: Evil’s Last Gasp?
Ten dead, 15 wounded in Canadian mass stabbing spree - because guns are bad!
The Ultimate Women’s Issue, 2022
Suspect In Memphis Woman’s Murder Began His Criminal Career at Age 11
Employees Shocked as Lesbian Vegan Doughnut Shop Goes Out of Business
Civilization: The Screams Of History

Sunday Funnies
Sunday Funnies For 09-04-22

New Study Shows Wearing Disposable Mask Did More Harm Than Good
The Mysteries of Long COVID-19 -Victor Davis Hanson

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Puts the ‘Total’ in Totalitarianism
In The Mailbox: 09.06.22
Larwyn’s Linx: It Isn’t Hard to Cheat
In The Mailbox: 09.06.22 (Evening Edition)
Larwyn’s Linx: Judge halts prosecutors from using Trump Mar-a-Lago materials for criminal investigation
In The Mailbox: 09.08.22 (Afternoon Edition)
Larwyn’s Linx: How to survive our electricity crisis
In The Mailbox: 09.08.22 (Evening Edition)
Larwyn’s Linx: The Brief: Merrick Garland Loses In Court
In The Mailbox: 09.09.22
Larwyn’s Linx: Iranian Terrorists Will Get Billions of Dollars Before Congress Can Review New Nuclear Deal

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