Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Free Book Tuesday

We've been running new stories and reprints by Mary M. Isaacs for the last couple of years, and most of the comments have been very positive. Some of you may be tired of Free Gun Friday. Well, tired of not winning anyway! So we thought we'd improve the odds a little. This is a contest for readers of Proof Positive and fans of Mary. M. Isaacs' short stories! The odds are in your favor! I want you to send me an email, telling us which is your favorite story of Mary's and why. I will forward the comments to Mary and she will choose a winner, who can select an autographed copy of one of Mary's books to be sent to you free of charge. I won't even tell Mary your full name!

If you need to refresh your memory, type "Mary M. Isaacs" in the search bar to review the work she's posted here. Send your emails to Proof (dot) Positive at Hotmail (dot) com. Your information will NOT be sold, you will not be put on any list, it's just a little more reliable than the Disqus comments these days. Disqus comments will be eligible, too! Winners will be restricted to those who READ Proof Positive, but not those who WRITE Proof Positive. That narrows it down in your favor! It's like they say, "You can't win if you don't enter!"

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