Sunday, December 18, 2022

We Have a Winner!

Yes, we have a winner in our Free Book Tuesday giveaway! The winning entry:
"Corpus Christi" is my favorite Mary M. Isaacs story - - except when my favorite is "The Angelus." I simply cannot choose between the two stories; I like each one that much. Each story fascinated me from the start, making it impossible to stop reading till I raced to the end. I love the rich description in the stories, the understanding of human nature, the plots which don't necessarily follow where I think they're leading. Most of all, I cherish the strong and bold Christianity in each story. The surprise ending in "Corpus Christi" is masterful. The rock-strong faith in "The Angelus" gave me heart. Thank you, Mary M. Isaacs, for sharing you God-given gift for writing with the world.

-Bonny Blue

Bonny's reward will go out in tomorrow's mail. And we thank Bonny and all the participants in our giveaway.  For those of you still interested in obtaining one of Mary's books, check out the ads on the sidebar!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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