Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alternative Programming for Inauguration Day

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This is only a movie!

According to my friend Rob Port, over at Say Anything:

According to the liberal media Obama’s inauguration will supposedly be the greatest moment in American history. HBO is carrying it for free on its cable channels. MSNBC is carrying it in movie theaters.

And, I thought, "This is why we have DVD's and DVR's for when there's nothing good on!"
So, if you're not in the mood for the Obama lovefest live, here's some alternate programming, with at least a hint of the presidential mixed in:

Murder at 1600 A good film (Warning: There is some nudity at the beginning. May not be suitable for the kiddies!) by Wesley Snipes in his pre-IRS problem days. With the ever watchable Diane Lane, and a nice performance by Dennis Miller. Ronny Cox is the President.

Air Force One Harrison Ford is the President in this thriller about the eponymous hijacking. A little intense in spots, but good family fare.

Independence Day Aliens invade. Jeff Goldblum creates a virus for a computer, whose operating system he's never seen, based on extra-terrestrial technology that he couldn't possible know anything about, based on the premise that aliens advanced enough to make intergalactic space travel aren't smart enough to have anti-virus programs on their computers. Still, a lot of fun if you don't look behind the curtain! Bill Pullman is the President.

Swing Vote As I wrote in a recent mini review:
Swing Vote has a charming cast of characters, starting with Bud’s 12 yr. old daughter Molly, played by Madeline Carroll.
The movie skewers politicians who will do anything to get elected and the news media who would do anything to garner ratings and get a story. Throw in a little morality play of an apathetic voter and you have a pleasant evening’s entertainment!
Kelsey Grammer is the President.

There you have it! Murder in the White House, blowing up the White House, buying votes to get to the White House, and hijacking Air Force One! What more could you ask for in an inaugural day's entertainment?

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  1. The Media continues to smooch Obama's butt
    Time magazine is putting Barack Obama on the cover for the 15th time. You can see the covers here. This level of coverage is unprecedented. If the editors of Time were poodles, they would be humping Obama's leg. Now, the final insult has occurred. ESPN is broadcasting Obama's inauguration. We won't even be able to turn the channel to sports on inauguration day.


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