Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greeting from the Left Coast Rebel

Greetings Proof Positive readers! Tim here, the proprietor of the Left Coast Rebel blog and fellow Once Golden State-Proof compatriot of Mr. Positive. Proof has invited me to contribute here from time to time and I am more than happy to oblige. Proof has also humbly offered to do the same at the Left Coast Rebel.

So look forward to seeing me around the block here now and again.



  1. There goes the neighborhood! Heh.

  2. Haha, indeed, the secret is out, look out blogosphere....

  3. Block party coming? Always a treat to check Proofs page, and now another reason. And count me as a new visitor to yours as well Rebel.

  4. Thanks Randy and proof! Enjoy your weekend...

  5. "count me as a new visitor to yours as well Rebel."
    The dynasty has begun, LCR! Heh.

    A good weekend to you and yours, as well!


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