Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just When You Thought You Had Seen Every Conceivable Thing....

by the Left Coast Rebel witness one that takes the cake and outdoes them all. Knowing that Obama's handling of the gulf oil spill has been nearly the disaster that the oil spill itself has been has pushed Obama (five weeks after the Deepwater Horizon explosion) to flounderingly move to plan b. Plan b. as explained by Carol at No Sheeples Here is as follows:

BP, the oil company taking flak for its inconsistent response to the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, bused in 400 extra cleanup workers to Grand Isle during President Obama's visit today, Jefferson Parish Council Chairman John Young said.

"It appears to have been a PR stunt by BP, not to say we don't appreciate the extra participation," Young said. "We certainly need them, but we don't need them for just one day that happens to coincide with a visit from the president.”Young said he saw the workers dressed in red shirts, blue jeans and black shrimp boots mulling across the beaches and in the mess hall during the president's appearance. They were uniformed in a way "which you don't normally see workers dressed like that," Young said.

After Obama's departure, Young said, the work crews all but vanished.
I've seen a lot in this man's disastrous short tenure so far but this may top them all.

Simply. Unreal.

From a vantage point of righteous indignation, not to mention anger, No Sheeples Here brandished forth this amazing video:

Please make this video go viral. Wake up, America.


  1. Jammie Wearing Fool quotes Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts:

    "...the overnight contingent of workers was there mainly to furnish a Potemkin-style backdrop for the event — while also making it appear that BP was firmly in command of spill cleanup efforts."

    Nice turn of phrase.

  2. Full disclosure: I have called Barack Obama the "Potemkin President": carefully staging events with hermetically sealed, friendly audiences as props.

  3. I saw that title and thought,hmmm a strange intro to the new guy. Any one who writes and posts on Proofs page will get my readership!

  4. Linked!

  5. The video didn't work for me so I went to No Sheeples Here and saw it.

    Nice video. Those of us no mesmerized by the hope and change BS knew this man was grossly unprepared to be our president.

    I'm still waiting for someone to provide evidence he is so intelligent. He's written no scholarly papers, he hasn't solved any big problems or invented anything.

    If you believe in God, hit your knees and pray for our country. We are in danger. This man and his staff of pointy-headed pseudo-intellectuals haven't a clue, and it's a dangerous world out there.

  6. Proof - I hate to say this but isn't that what tyrants do? The 'Dear Leader' type always is hermetically sealed. Great points.

  7. Randy-G and LC: Thanks!
    Silverfiddle:From your keyboard to God's email! (I'll see if the video link needs tweaking. Thanks for the feedback)
    LCR: Barack more than usual